Project: Facility and Office  Procurement
 Problem: Provide a  comprehensive solid waste  management system and more  cost-effective collection services.
 Solution: Based on our analysis  of several solid waste options,  BVA led four separate  procurements for collection,  landfill, and materials recovery  services which resulted in savings  of $3 million per year. 

For more than seven years, BVA has been assisting a medium-sized city (population 200,000) with its solid waste management program. BVA was hired initially to evaluate the city's franchise hauler's sole-source rate proposal for a contract extension. Based on our findings, the city determined it was in their best interest to conduct a competitive procurement process and hired BVA to manage the procurement for a refuse, recyclables, and green waste collection contractor. The procurement effort resulted in improved services and a $3 million per year savings to the rate payers.

Upon completing the collection procurement, BVA assisted the city with an evaluation of the solid waste system and provided strategic planning for long-term waste management needs. We prepared an economic model that analyzed 66 waste management solutions, including materials recovery facilities, transfer stations, and various landfill sites. Based on the analysis, we initiated a competitive procurement process to select contractors to provide long-term disposal capacity solutions. BVA prepared the request for proposals, a draft materials recovery facility/transfer station development and operating agreement, and a long-term landfill disposal agreement; evaluated the received proposals; and assisted with the selection of three potential service providers. We negotiated the materials recovery facility/transfer station agreement with one service provider and two landfill disposal agreements with two other service providers. The contract development and negotiations process served to define the relationships among the city, the collection contractor, the materials recovery facility/transfer station contractor, and the landfill operator and outline several contingency plans in the event that permits were not secured for the proposed facilities.

BVA also has provided staff support to the city, assisting with the development and implementation of commercial recycling programs and AB 939 compliance.

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