Project: Planning, independent  review, and feasibility studies
 Problem: Create an exclusive  franchise system for county  collection services and prepare a  long-range capital needs  assessment.
 Solution: Worked with staff to  define exclusive collection  franchise territories and  negotiate new contracts. Later  provided support for facility  development and financing.

Until 1998, the unincorporated area of a large Southern California county was served by 15 individual haulers, operating under an antiquated permit system in one or more of seven permit areas. In a first step toward mandatory collection, BVA helped the county make the transition to a system of exclusive franchises. Working closely with county staff and conducting ongoing negotiations with the haulers, BVA developed draft franchises and waste flow agreements; defined new exclusive territories to ensure that each hauler would have a set of residential and commercial accounts that were roughly equivalent in revenue potential to its then-current accounts; and drafted forms for each hauler to use in proposing costs and rates for their new territory. BVA reviewed hauler responses and helped negotiate final rates and agreements for consideration by the board of supervisors.

Later, as part of the planning and development of a new countywide integrated waste management system, BVA prepared a long range capital needs assessment, defining landfill closure, expansion, and materials recovery/transfer facility needs for a 10-year period. We provided engineering services for the development of a materials recovery facility/transfer station to include green waste processing, co-composting, a buyback center, and a household hazardous waste facility. We prepared an independent engineer's report in support of the $25 million financing for a materials recovery facility and related system components, evaluating the contracts, system design, resource review, and environmental issues. We also analyzed facility and system economics, including revenues, expenses, and debt service.

Currently, we are assisting the county with the implementation of as many as six landfill gas-to-electricity projects. Upon completing the project feasibility studies, we managed three parallel procurements—turnkey construction/operations, power sales, and tax credit privatization.


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