Project: Landfill Services

 Problem: Provide a range of  engineering services for a Joint  Powers Authority's landfill  disposal system.
 Solution: BVA has provided  on-going landfill engineering  services to assist with a variety  of operations requirements at the  client's landfills.  

Since the creation of a joint powers authority organized to consolidate the solid waste services of five neighboring cities and the county, BVA has provided extensive engineering and technical support to the authority. BVA engineers have assisted with the operation of the authority's landfills, provided engineering services, and filled interim staffing positions. Our work has provided valuable insight not only for future engineering projects but also for new planning and operations opportunities.

Through several distinct projects, we have provided:

Service Life and Landfill Utilization Evaluations and Closure/Postclosure Fund Balance Evaluations
Includes securing and evaluating aerial topographic maps from sequential years, evaluating tonnage reports from gate house tickets, and calculating the refuse-to-soil ratio and refuse density. BVA updated the closure and postclosure financial assurance fund balances and reported these amounts to the state governing board.

Landfill Operations Evaluations
Includes a periodic review of the performance of the landfill operators to confirm waste receipt and conformance of handling and placement procedures to contractual obligations and local and state requirements. Typically we performed these evaluations two or three times each year.

Management of Water Quality Sampling and Reporting Consultants
Includes oversight of the groundwater consultants performing routine monitoring activities and report preparation. BVA reviewed the monitoring results, making changes and adjustments as needed. Also, BVA assisted the authority with its evaluation monitoring and correction action programs.

General Engineering and Solid Waste Planning Consulting Services
BVA performed an analysis of disposal options, including an evaluation of the economic and non-economic options the authority should consider in providing long-term disposal capacity to its member agencies. We have evaluated vertical and horizontal expansion designs for several of the landfills, provided solid waste planning and regulatory and environmental evaluations, designed landfill gas systems, and established a recycling program.


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