Project: Energy Audit

 Problem: Identify energy  savings opportunities.
 Solution: BVA suggested  energy efficency investments,  totaling $2 million, that will  reduce the client's energy costs  by $400,000 per year, thus  delivering an overall investment  return of 20 percent.

A Southern California school district with 23 facilities—3 high schools, 3 middle schools, 11 elementary schools, and 6 support buildings (total of 1,271,000 square feet)—spent about $1.5 million on electricity and gas annually. BVA conducted an energy audit of the facilities and identified energy efficiency investments totaling $2 million, reducing the district's energy costs by about $400,000 per year with an overall return of 20 percent.

BVA identified energy savings opportunities, including improvements to lighting fixtures, installing occupancy sensors in specified areas, and expanding the energy management system (EMS) by linking all facilities to a centralized EMS. The savings from expanding the EMS control are expected to be significant. BVA found many areas in which HVAC units were controlled by incorrect time clocks. By connecting these units to the central EMS system, the facility operators will easily be able to adjust the scheduling of equipment to match the use of each building.

General retrofit strategies to upgrade the lighting system efficiency include replacing T-12 lamps and standard magnetic ballasts with 32-watt T-8 lamps and electronic ballasts, replacing fixtures containing 150-watt and 300-watt incandescent lamps with new fluorescent fixtures, replacing lower-wattage incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps, and replacing recessed mercury vapor fixtures with compact fluorescent retrofit recessed downlight fixtures.


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