Project: Landfill gas  remediation and renewable  energy project development
 Problem: Determine the best  method to extract and manage  landfill gas.  
 Solution: Taking advantage of  a recent change in Bulgaria's  energy policy, BVA is developing  a landfill gas-to-energy program  to control the emission of landfill  gas and generate revenue for the  local government.    

The Municipality of Bourgas, the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, operates one of the country's few sanitary landfills. The Bratovo Landfill, which opened in 1981, receives approximately 100,000 tonnes of household and non-hazardous commercial and industrial wastes annually. While originally designed to minimize many potential environmental impacts, the landfill has never included a system to extract or manage the landfill gas produced by the decomposition of solid waste.

BVA, in partnership with the municipality, has received funding from a USAID program to recommend the best method for extracting and using the landfill gas generated at the Bratovo landfill. Because of a recent change to the energy policy in Bulgaria that allows independent power producers to sell electricity into the utility grid, using landfill gas to generate energy is now a viable option. Another alternative also under consideration is transporting the gas to a local district heating plant.

Our scope of work includes estimating the quantity of gas that will be generated by the landfill over the next 10 years, assessing the new rules and pricing for selling power to the national energy company, developing a conceptual layout for a collection system, providing an economic analysis of alternatives, performing a preliminary environmental review, and identifying options for project financing.

If successful, the project will generate revenue for the municipality and reduce the emission of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.


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