This page is dedicated to informing you about BVA's services and providing you a resource to explore the company and its abilities thoroughly. Explore the Company Brochures, read the Capital Updates (our in-house publication of environmental and solid waste issues), examine the White Papers written by BVA employees, and view our Awards.

Company Brochures
All are PDF downloads.
  International Services in Solid Waste and Energy Management

  Technical Services in Solid Waste Management

  Management and Financial Consulting Services

  Solid Waste Landfill Consulting Services

  Energy Management Services

Capital Updates
Below are links to BVA's recent Capital Update publications, which are published regularly as a service to our clients. Click on a link below to view or download a PDF of a specific publication.
  April 2002 - What Happened to the Energy Crisis?

  July 2002 - Top Ten Policy Issues to Cover in Your Franchise Agreement   
  September 2002 - Beyond 50% Diversion

  November 2002 - Water Conservation Makes Sense: Rain or Shine   

  April 2003 - Sustainable Buildings

  October 2003 - Hauler Monitoring for AB 939 Compliance

  March 2004 - An Eye On Electronic Waste ~ e-waste

White Papers

  Landfill Gas-to-Electricity: A Case Study
 – Michael D. Brown, Robert A. Nelson, Annette C. Guy
  Landfill Liner Design and Construction
 – Timothy J. Raibley
  Using a Peer Review Panel to Enhance Service Agreements
 – Peter M. Deibler


Special recognitions of BVA’s outstanding work have been acknowledged with an
Export Achievement Certificate from the U.S. Department of Congress and a recent
Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Representative Nancy Pelosi.

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