Effective waste management is important in today's environment, and BVA assists clients with technical and management needs. Both insuring public health safety and providing efficient services, well-managed solid waste systems contribute to the growth and stability of communities. Below is a list of the most common services that BVA provides for waste management planning and consulting. Also visit the energy consulting and international consulting pages to learn more about the services BVA provides.

  Collection Systems Analysis
  Landfill Services and
Landfill Gas Control

  Materials Recovery and
Transfer Facilities

  Medical and Hazardous
Waste Management

  Recycling and Green Waste
Program Assistance

  Contract Development and Negotiation
  Engineering, Design, and
Construction Management

  Facility and Service Procurement
  Financial Analysis and
Rate Review

  Independent Review and
Project Financing

  Litigation Support
  Permitting and Regulatory Assistance
  Planning and Feasibility Analysis

Collection Systems Analysis
As communities require more of their service providers than basic refuse collection and disposal, it is necessary to develop comprehensive, yet cost-effective collection systems that meet regulatory requirements and community goals. Whether collection and disposal services are contracted privately or provided by the municipality, efficient management of these services is essential.

BVA provides a full range of services to assist with the collection of refuse, recyclables, and green waste. Our value-added services result in obvious cost savings and increased efficiency through system planning, operations review, contract development and negotiation, and service procurement. Our collection equipment and cost database is updated regularly to reflect innovations changing today's industry.    see related case study |  back to top

Landfill Services and Landfill Gas Control
Land disposal of solid waste is subject to complex regulatory requirements. BVA provides clients with the full-service consulting assistance needed to site and design new landfills responsibly, maximize the capacity of existing sites, improve environmental controls, insure regulatory compliance, and provide effective closure and postclosure maintenance.

BVA is unique in its field, experienced not only in landfill engineering, design, and permitting, but also solid waste operations and financial and management planning. We specialize in landfill gas (LFG) resources—from gas flaring for environmental compliance to energy project development. In response to recent changes in the energy market, BVA has developed innovative landfill gas utilization projects, integrating our solid waste and energy services.
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Materials Recovery and Transfer Facilities
BVA offers an extensive range of transfer station and materials recovery facility services. With our assistance, clients have developed many successful projects, ranging from small rural transfer stations handling less than 20 tons per day to major metropolitan materials recovery facilities that process more than 6,500 tons per day.

Our staff offers both expert design capabilities and hands-on operations experience. We bring more than a theoretical, "on paper" understanding of facility design and operation to each project—we offer the critical insight needed to create innovative, yet truly functional and efficient transfer and materials recovery facilities.
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Medical and Hazardous Waste Management
BVA provides clear, effective solutions to the complex problem of medical waste management. Our staff, experienced in planning medical waste incineration facilities, is familiar with the latest techniques for managing, treating, and disposing infectious materials. We stay current with the regulations and enforcement programs designed to insure that the most appropriate waste management techniques are used.

Proper management of household hazardous waste can prevent surface and groundwater contamination and protect solid waste collection and disposal staff from injury. BVA has developed household hazardous waste plans and programs and provided design, financing, and construction services for facilities. We assess household hazardous waste generation and analyze local collection and disposal needs, recommending, when possible, source reduction and recycling options.
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Recycling and Green Waste Program Assistance
BVA has assisted dozens of communities and businesses to evaluate and implement recycling and green waste processing programs. We regularly help clients meet and surpass diversion goals. A leader in the industry, BVA frequently works on innovative and progressive programs, including eco-industrial parks, market development zones, and organics composting.

We help communities and businesses assess their waste generation and develop programs to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials. Together with facility operators, waste haulers, and public agencies, BVA develops and evaluates all components of successful recycling and green waste programs.
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Contract Development and Negotiation
BVA frequently develops, evaluates, and negotiates collection and facility contracts, assisting communities in examining the full range of facility ownership, systems operations, and procurement alternatives. We also help with the formation and management of joint powers authorities, created to reduce overall system costs and maximize service efficiency.

BVA has drafted numerous contracts for a range of services. We appreciate that no two contractual arrangements are exactly the same, and we develop and negotiate contracts quickly and cost-effectively, specifically tailoring each to the needs of the client.   see related case study |  back to top

Engineering, Design, and Construction Management
BVA has provided engineering services for landfills, transfer facilities, materials recovery facilities, and energy recovery facilities. We guide clients through the complex procurement process—from the initial decision to establish a facility through siting, design, construction, and operation. We help determine the best institutional arrangements for facility development and operation and are experienced at assessing the optimal mix of public and private sector involvement in facility financing, construction, and operations.

We use an in-house CAD system to prepare design drawings and graphic representations of planned projects, creating three-dimensional models to give clients an accurate picture of the final facility. Our staff is fully versed in the technical aspects of landfill, materials recovery facility, and transfer station design and also has experience with the day-to-day operations of these facilities. Every BVA design incorporates the practical experience our staff has gained through their work in the field.   see related case study |  back to top

Facility and Service Procurement
BVA has helped numerous communities procure private vendor services for waste processing facilities, collection programs, and landfills. Through our experience with the RFP process, from document preparation to contract negotiation, we have developed tools to insure the receipt of competitive proposals, the selection of expert service providers, and the development and implementation of sound service agreements. Our procurement efforts, which allow for public input, make clear, "apples-to-apples" comparisons and result in selections that have never been challenged.

As independent consultants, BVA has established a strong reputation for impartial, objective analysis coupled with strong technical expertise. In assisting our clients, we shape the selection process and develop evaluation criteria that are tailored to each community's goals and result in the selection of qualified service providers.
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Financial Analysis and Rate Review
The "business" of solid waste management is not distinct from the technical requirements. Accordingly, much of BVA's work focuses on rate review, administrative and operations system efficiency, financing and funding requirements, and fiscal management.

Through cost of service, rate review, benchmarking, and independent review services, we identify funding sources for programs and facilities, determine that rates are fair and equitable, and insure that revenue requirements are met. We frequently work with municipal clients who are interested in privatizing operations or ownership of publicly managed collection services, landfill operations, or recycling and materials recovery programs.
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Independent Review and Project Financing
Third-party evaluations for financing require assessing the risk of every project component and assumption critical to facility success. No project is without risk, and our role is to identify the level and nature of risk before funds are committed. Having served as independent engineers for more than $3 billion in facility financings, we have established a strong reputation for impartial, objective analysis. BVA's services are sought after by public and private, national and international financial institutions.

We assist municipal clients to identify financing options and structure financing packages, and we serve as independent engineers for bond financings. We recommend mitigation measures to help developers and financial institutions overcome impediments to project financing, and once funding is in place, we provide ongoing monitoring.
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Litigation Support
BVA provides expert and technical assistance for solid waste management programs and facilities in dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration), litigation, and administrative and regulatory proceedings. BVA's unique position in our field—providing both financial and management services as well as technical services—allows us an unusually broad understanding and expertise in a variety of situations.

Our litigation services include:
· Formulating and responding to discovery
· Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information and data
· Preparing expert reports
· Providing independent engineering review and consultation
· Formulating and evaluating settlement proposals
· Assisting with the development of trial strategy
· Selecting or serving as expert witnesses at deposition and trial
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Permitting and Regulatory Assistance
Solid waste facilities are subject to extensive regulatory and permit requirements. BVA can identify and assist in submitting all required local, state, and federal permits necessary for the construction and operation of landfills, materials recovery facilities, transfer stations, and other solid waste facilities. We frequently perform ongoing monitoring and reporting as required by regulatory agencies and coordinate compliance with environmental regulations.

BVA has formed working relationships with many regulatory agencies—including local solid waste, water quality, and air quality regulators—and frequently negotiates practical alternatives for least-cost compliance on behalf of our clients. We prepare solid waste facility permit application packages for submission to local, state, or federal regulators. We have experience with environmental impact review documentation; local land use permit applications; facility development, design, and operations plans; landfill closure and postclosure maintenance plans; and complete Subtitle D compliance review.
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Planning and Feasibility Analysis
With new legislative and regulatory mandates for materials recovery and disposal and heightened public awareness, many public officials and private companies are facing growing challenges to provide responsible, cost-effective waste management. Whenever a new facility is needed or a collection contract is open for bid, communities should take that opportunity to re-examine their current practices.

Effective strategic planning provides a conceptual framework for the efficient management of all solid waste operations. Whether for an individual city or a joint powers authority, BVA carefully assesses each system element—including collection and hauling, transfer, recycling, composting, and land disposal—to determine how they best fit together.

Before developing or expanding a program or a facility, BVA can provide an independent analysis of project feasibility, including a review of technical and engineering issues, economic feasibility, and resource availability. For some projects, it is desirable to conduct market studies to target likely users. We identify mitigation measures to help overcome impediments to project development or financing. Once funding is in place, we can provide ongoing monitoring.
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